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Original creative crafts projects for children & adults

Seasons Cards

Spring Cards

“Fun, Joy, Life & Butterflies”

“Hello spring!”

“The Courage to Be”

Autumn Cards

“Happy Autumn!”

“White Apple”

Love Cards 




Heart-Shaped Cards Romantic, Fun & Positive Cards

Knot Heart Card “Take it it’s yours!”

“Beside you” Heart Card (… is every day, beside you!)

“One Heart, One Love” Heart Card (… at a time)

“My Love” Heart Card (Can you handle it?)

“Love (I)” Heart Card (If it’s hurts, it’s real)

“Love (II)” Heart Card (Forever & Together)

“Would you …” Heart Cards (go out with me, kiss me, marry me, be my Valentine’s for life?)

“Heartbreaker?” Heart Card (Life would be boring without…)

“Heartless?” Heart Card (Take this one!)

“Broken Heart?” Card (Mind, take the lead! Now!)

“Intelligence seduces” Heart Card

“Envy Heart” Card

“Icy-Heart” Card (it can’t be, I’m too hot!)

“Black Heart” Card (it doesn’t fit my shoes – e.g., too much black!)

Original Artistic Crafts for Children & Adults!

Artistic Crafts. Cards

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