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Multilingual audible & original positive

stories for children


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Insightful stories with therapeutic messages to promoting mental health.



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Structured information about our world, from different areas of study: sciences,  literature & art.



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Craft projects  designed to develop the aesthetic sense of children, young & adults.



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Azaleea Parents approaches relevant topics like parenting, mental health, children's education, and much more! 




Azaleea's Mission & Vision




Optimising human behaviour by creating accessible and enjoyable learning contexts for children.




         Creating simple, insightful stories with therapeutic and positive messages.




About Azaleea


Azaleea is primarily all about stories!

The stories are the easiest way of communicating important ideas through a ludic tone and captivating scenery. The inquisitive mind of children needs to be stimulated and needs answers to questions. Living into a world of changes, where yesterday could be obsolete for the latest solutions and products, the present could look unstable and hard to cope with. However, beyond unstoppable changes in all area of life, what matter most in life remains very often unchanged. These are the meanings Azaleea is looking for! It may need to continuously change the technology because the science is continuously improving, but the importance of self-acceptance, tolerance, assertiveness or kindness remains basic, elementary and healthy life principles!

In this context, Azaleea is designed to represent support for both – parents and children, being organised in 5 initial areas: #AzaleeaShop, #AzaleeaStories, #AzaleeaEducation, #AzaleeaCreative, #AzaleeaParents. #AzaleeaGames represents the sixth area to be considered in future.

  • Azaleea Shop contains craft products for children (Montessory educational kits, quiet book, felt Chrostmas Tree, felt Snowman, felt products) and Azaleea original Blueprint Projects to be realised at home by children.

  • Azaleea Stories presents original and classical stories designed primarily for children. Azaleea Original within this section approaches mental health and life-philosophy topics approached are diverse: joy, fear, courage, self-acceptance, self-esteem. Azaleea Classic presents well-known stories that are relevant to interacting with other important life meanings, like the positive and negative characters. The stories are presented in different languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Romanian. The multilinguism of stories creates the positive context for learning and practicing the reading and pronunciation in mentioned languages.   


  • Azaleea Education presents the important topics necessary to be assimilated by children to gather a better understanding of the world around us. Education represents a decisive factor for finding the appropriate place in society, based on our qualities, preferences, aptitudes and talents. However, education does not necessarily represent an enjoyable activity for the vast majority of children! The children want to play! They love playing and they could do it for hours if surrounded by friends … Another interesting fact is the child capacity to “create” games or captivating activities if the toys or the proper tools are missing. They could play for hours with a pillow or with a paper plane!However, in current society, it could not be hard to meet children having difficulties playing or getting bored quickly from their activities. The latter situation rises concerns in the area of mental health and healthy parental practices within children’s family.The solutions are not universal, because every child is unique! Nevertheless, there are specific principles to follow to assure a harmonious and healthy life development of children. How to behave and what to say in different contexts to a child represents an important start point for a parent. 


  • Azaleea Creative presents craft projects to stimulate the aesthetic sense, the capacity of planning, the ability to follow rules and instructions, and of course, stimulate the creativity of children. Creating a project represents positive enforcement for children, improving their self-confidence and experiencing positive emotions.


  • Azaleea Games (to come) presents a collection of different games from different cultures. Azaleea Games is intended to discover new ways of playing for children. Moreover, this section has an important role to gather a better understanding of other cultures and their values.


  • Azaleea Parents presents important topics in the area of parenting and behaviour management. It represents an informative section, but also indicate practical solutions, based on real/suggestive case studies.

As overall, Azaleea through the mentioned sections is intended to create the perspective of consistency between thoughts, attitudes and actions. Being authentic and genuine represents the best way to  avoid personal complexes and allow to Live Real! Live Thoroughly!


Smile Now, so you can enjoy a Better Tomorrow!


Sincere Greetings,


All the information and projects presented on this website and its afferent social-media & Youtube channels - are only suggestions for adults/parents. The parents are solely responsible for when, what and how the information is used to benefit their children.



Delivering Meanings. Delivering Ideas


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