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Heartfelt Embrace Ceramic Mug


Sip love from Azaleea’s "Heartfelt Embrace Ceramic Mug" and celebrate the warmth of your connection in every moment. This print-on-demand ceramic mug features an enchanting abstract heart, elegantly expressing the depth of your affection. Adorned with the enduring message "Love You," this ceramic mug is designed to infuse your special days, like Valentine's or anniversaries, with an extra touch of love.

Crafted with precision and care, the "Heartfelt Embrace Ceramic Mug" not only serves as a functional vessel for your favourite beverages but also as a tangible reminder of the cherished moments you share. The high-quality ceramic ensures durability, while the romantic design adds an artistic flair to your daily rituals.

Whether you're starting your day with a cup of coffee or winding down with a soothing tea, let the "Heartfelt Embrace Ceramic Mug" become a cherished part of your daily routine. Toast to love, connection, and the beautiful journey you're on with this personalized and heartfelt mug, perfect for couples who appreciate the art of love.


Product Technical details

Made of white, durable ceramic in 11-ounce size (0.33 l). All mugs feature a comfortable C-handle and a shiny finish so that they're both easy to use and great to look at. Drink confidently on a daily basis as all mugs are lead and BPA-free.


Other Specifications:

 BPA, Lead-free

Microwave & Dishwasher-safe


Colours Variations Available

Light-Red & Grey

Dark-Red & Red


Dark Blue & Blue

Black & Red


The perfect gift for coffee, tea, and chocolate lovers!

Heartfelt Embrace Ceramic Mug ~ Light Red & Grey - 11oz

SKU: 11943452656318140695
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