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The Friends of Christmas

Updated: Sep 4, 2019


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It was winter. In the forest,

Birds were singing joyfully,

'Cause the Chosen-tree was found

In the heart of forest glade.

It was meant by Mother-Forest

Green to be and green to stay

All year round & again.

No doubts stay, this is the tree!

The Christmas tree!

Now, all the forest comes together

To decorate the Christmas-tree:

Yuppy-yupp, the Long-Ears bunny,

Happily and playfully,

With blue bag into his back:

What was he bringing on the track?

Colorful, sparkly and brilliant crafted

Feathers, cones

Ivy, hollies, and acorns

Gorgeous precious stones

Can you guess what many more?...


But, look! All forest comes in a hurry!

Bear-Mom and their cubs...

The grandiose stag and graceful deer ...

Oh! I see no end

To the long, long string,

of desire and keen!

This is a special time of the year, when

3 winter-nights, 3 winter-days,

Whoever and wherever

Good friends become all together:

The dreaded wolf with candid lamb,

The cunning fox with cuddly bunny,

The penguins and the seals

The black and white dainty swan

Can you name the other ones?

Finally, all the forest met together

To decorate the Christmas tree ...

All is done! When on the sudden,

Phew! Nimbly, the old Black-Eagle

A falling star, breathily, grabbed it!


From the top of Christmas tree, the shining star,

Triumphally was spreading

Yellow rays

of kindness and pray

Making the cold winter night

A warmer shining day

The time has come! And all together,

The friends of Christmas announces at once:

Here is the Christmas tree!

Here is the Christmas day!

Merry Christmas to you all!

May we meet many, many more

The year to come!

To share again

Peaceful hearts

Loving and grace

of endless winter holidays



Just celebrate!


Azaleea © All Rights Reserved

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