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Grandma Winter & The Spring Fairy

Updated: May 15, 2021

Winter is the mistress of the entire kingdom. All of a sudden, a playful ray comes down gently on the snow. Slowly, the shy snowdrop is making its way out of the snow … Grandma Winter gets angry and she sends Uncle Winter Wind and Uncle Snow to cast their snows and freezing cold and force the frail snowdrop to stay under the snow. Hearing the snowdrop’s cries, the Spring Fairy comes to help.

- How dare you enter my frozen kingdom?” Grandma Winter shouts angrily.

- The sunrays are calling me to wake the entire kingdom to life!” Fairy Spring answered.

Grandma Winter blows a freezing winter wind furiously and the delicate Spring shivers in cold and pain. A tear comes out of Spring’s tearful eyes and falls on the white snow. A snowdrop immediately comes out on the very spot where the tear fell.

Even more furious seeing all this resistance, Grandma Winter blows even harder as a harsh, parky cold hurts the Spring Fairy more and more. Tears gush down her cheeks and the moment they touch the ground they turn into small and gleeful snowdrops, violas, may-lilies, purple and yellow violets until all the kingdom Winter commands are covered with a colourful coat of delicate spring flowers.

The scent and sound of flowers in the gentle wind make Spring look down and around. She sees the field covered in white snowdrops and colourful groups of flowers giggling in the warm embrace of the wind and playful sun rays. The snowdrop, the first flower born out of Spring’s tears starts shouting: It’ springtime! The Spring Fairy smiles: her time has come!


The Courage TO BE



Say it & Dare it

                                         ... at the very Right Moment!

Don't give up a fight!

You might win it!


Azaleea © All Rights Reserved

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